Peace for People

7 billion reasons for peace

TPRF works to advance Prem Rawat’s message that peace is possible for each individual—that peace is both an inner resource and innate right. TPRF’s Peace for People initiatives include international events with government, education, and business leaders to promote understanding of individual peace as the basis for world peace. TPRF helps sponsor Prem Rawat’s message on television in the United States and produces a variety of videos and print materials about personal peace that are available internationally.

TPRF has also developed the Peace Education Program (PEP) to help people discover inner resources such as strength, choice, and hope as well as to explore the possibility of personal peace. (Find out more about PEP here)


“Personal peace is very possible because it has nothing to do with struggles on the outside. It is time to rethink what it means to be alive. It is time to think about the gift we have been given. All the citizens of this earth need hope. Future generations need hope. Peace has become a hollow word that people say but don’t mean because nobody knows how to go about it. The clue lies in knowing yourself, knowing who you are. Wherever you go you carry the well of peace with you. You have to know how to turn within. There is a beautiful possibility. This is what my message is.”  — Prem Rawat




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