TPRF Audio Broadcast for September, 2017

This audio broadcast highlights the work of The Prem Rawat Foundation with reports and perspectives from volunteers around the world.

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English Transcript

Una traducción de audio en español está disponible a continuación. (Gracias a Miguel Quino)

Music composed, performed and used with the permission of Ron Clearfield.

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Program Schedule
September, 2017

We have noted the starting time of each presentation segment to help you enjoy this broadcast:

  1. Welcome & Introductions: Michel Klamph & Ron Greenspan (:33)
  2. Partnerships for Peace: Helen Hussey in Tasmania, Australia (1:28)
  3. Medicine for Peace: Prem Rawat (8:45)
  4. TPRF Resources for Peace Day: Jake Frankel (10:49)
  5. Inside Peace Movie: Cynthia Fitzpatrick & Trailer soundtrack (13:05)
  6. Correctional Education Association Conference, Texas: Donna Peskin & Sally Weaver (22:50)
  7. Opening Doors: How PEP Took Off in Sri Lanka: Manoharan Ramanathan (28:37)
  8. Expressions from the Atlanta Men’s Transitional Center: Valerie Hamilton (33:40)
  9. Conclusion: Ron Greenspan and Michel Klamph (37:20)

We thank everyone involved in the production of this broadcast.

Our Presenters
Helen Hussey
Jake Frankel
Cynthia Fitzpatrick
Donna Peskin
Sally Weaver
Manoharan Ramanathan
Valerie Hamilton

Audio Excerpts
Medicine for Peace: TPRF Media Team
Inside Peace Movie: Studio View Productions
Music: Ron Clearfield

Our Production Team
Kandy Corvette and Jean DePasquale

Proof reader: Terry-Anna Elliot

Josiane Chantome & Jacque Kolly with the French translation team
Isabel Velez & with the Portuguese translation team
Ute Roper
Miguel Quino

Distribution: Carol Ryan & Rosanne Friedlander

Sound Editors: Fadi Hatoum & Randy Balcom

Co-producers: Michel Klamph & Ron Greenspan